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Tuesday, 13 February 2018


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That was one good column; keep up the good work1

Jeffrey Smith

One thing to remember is that laws like these may be aimed at Moslems more than Jews. A law that bans shechitah also bans halal. A law that bans brit milah also bans the Islamic version. A law that bans shariah courts will also ban a beth-din. Read anti-Islamic sites and you will come across things--some of them written by Jews!-- that merely recycle propaganda from before WWII that was aimed at Jews.

Which is why we Jews must oppose such laws, no matter how much love [/sarcasm] Moslems have for Jews.

Elena Kuchik

i love what you wrote in your p.s. is it yours or quote - i just want to use it in a dvar torah pls let me know

Lazer Brody

Racheli, I'm very proud of you for this passionate and courageous post. It hits very close to home. Like your father, may Hashem bless him, my mother made it out of Poland alive, but before she did, the little Polish girls in her class turned her into a live pin cushion. I wrote the story on Breslev Israel. The Poles were Antisemites before the Germans knew what the word meant. Don't worry - Hashem has a great memory; as Moshiach comes closer, Hashem will be calling in all the markers from our oppressors, past and present. Bsorot tovot - may way hear good tidings, amen!


very good post! but why can we find kosher meat or yellow cheese at the supermarket in israel coming from poland? we should not buy it! of course the poles were even worse than the germans thats why the nazis built most of the death camps in poland they knew their could achieve their horrendous goals easilly


Anne, I'm wondering the same thing! We don't have enough cows here? I agree with you 100%! Thanks for writing in!


Elena, I came up with that! You're welcome to use it! Just make sure to put $5 in my PayPal account... ;))


Jeffrey, I disagree. The world, especially Europe, is having a love affair withe the Muslims. Just look around - everything is about Muslim empowerment and giving moral support to an "ethical, oppressed people who just want to do the right thing." I don't think the Muslim issue has anything at all to do with it. Thanks for writing in!


Thanks so much, DS! Thanks for writing in!


There is a saying
What do you expect from a pig except for a grunt
It's the same for the rest of Europe. In fact to take it a step further look at the UN vote on Jerusalem. Nothing changes.


David, you're 100% correct!


Last comment cynic that I am.
Yesterday we had a shooting at a public school. Sad. All media reporting on the tragedy. Yet when Jews in Israel are targeted ...WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE???? Oh I forgot when it is us well we know.


Don't worry, David, the outrage is coming. Stay tuned...

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