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Tuesday, 15 May 2018


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Hava G.

Thank you for reminding us, R' Lazer, and giving us words to be able to double and triple up on thanking H' after the War of Independence, the 6-Day War and all our other miraculous wars - as well as what our "cousins" are trying to make into a war at this very moment!


I have been thanking Hashem for all these many times during the last few days - and I try to do so every day. Listening to the news in Israel on the radio, I turned to my husband and asked - "Did any announcer say Baruch Hashem throughout the broadcast?" NO. They did not!


Thank you Hashem!!! And thank you Rabbi for all these wonderful updates. And for all those Arab lovers who don't realize that they are waging war against us, and we are defending ourselves. For all those who confuse the bully with the bullied who is protecting himself and his family see the world through EVIL eyes!!!

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