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Thursday, 28 June 2018


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I believe we are still in Tamuz.

Tomer Devorah

I believe it was the GR"A who said that even if it comes "in its time" Hashem will "hasten it." It just now occurs to me that it could also mean even when it comes, God forbid, with "wars and strife," it will also include mercy and joy.


Reflecting upon this post, you missed one key element about this eclipse. It is NOT on Thursday night Tu B'Av. The eclipse will start at 10:30pm on Shabbat Qodesh when strict Dinim melt away for those who serve the L-rd. Could it be that this was designed to be from ancient times that the ultimate omen of the Redemption, The Moon turning to Blood before the Great and Awesome Day of the L-rd (Yoel 3) would occur on Shabbat?

Ted Jessa

Why must we look for signs in the skies ? Many natural and political upheavals are transpiring throughut
the world. Many shots of World War Three have already started via economic sanctions. This was how
America began its war against Japan in the nineteen thirties. Humanity has lost all its civility. When governments
treat the vulnerable of society, the elderly, children, poor, as a burden and cut back on essential health
and human services and a corrupt justice system sort puts us on a course for death and destruction.
All these problems are not just here in the Unites States, but also in Eretz Yisrael.
Immorality abounds everywhere. Do we need to look at Blood Moons as a potential portent for possible
war happening among the nations. We are living at the beginning of a midst of Hell on earth.

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