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Tuesday, 05 June 2018


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What about the Jews of Europe? The Jews of France are under siege, and the UK is on a knife edge. The rest of Europe is not looking great either.

Yakov Butterfield

Actually will there be a next Jewish generation in America or the Diaspora? The Jewish People Policy Institute (JPPI) study http://jppi.org.il/new/en/article/english-raising-jewish-children-research-and-indications-for-intervention/english-introduction/ shows that among all non-Orthodox Jews in the 25-54 age group, just 15% were married to a Jewish spouse and had Jewish children. It is time to come home to Israel where your children can marry someone Jewish.


I truly believe the writing is on the wall for Jews in the USA, Canada, the Uk and certainly France.
Aliyah is not easy though, and there is no certainty it will be successful.
I know from first hand experience of a failed Aliyah.
Personally I believe the key to a successful Aliyah is having the skills and experience to match the Israeli job market.
To this end, the most expedient thing Israel can do is to train Disapora Jews in these skills.


To LondonMale,

It's not just on the wall, it's shouting out in neon lights.

Thank Gd I live in Israel and have a nice life, but I agree that it is not necessarily easy to make aliya. There are so many variables. One option I would suggest is to set up a stream of parnasa, online, that does not depend on the Israeli job market. Just for example, teaching English online to China. This will also help with housing, as then you can live in cheaper areas of the countries, as you will not have to commute to commercial centres for work. It takes time to learn Hebrew sufficiently well to be able to work professionally in it, so my suggestion could be an initial solution.

I am in favour of all Jews making aliya (i.e. all approximately 8 million), but cannot see how this will happen without a major government plan for this. Many are vulnerable people, sick, old, in nursing homes, poor, in prison, and unable to organise their aliya themselves, or their relatives who will not leave them alone.
But even if just a fraction of them come, let's say 1 million able-bodied people, it is going to need some central planning. Where exactly are they all going to live?

I have been following the situation in Europe closely and am very concerned. It's like the 1930s all over again and then some: a huge rise in violent antisemitism, imams calling for death to the Jews, anti-Jewish laws, political uncertainty (the disintegration of the EU with Brexit, Italy, Visegrad countries etc), together with the potential collapse of the euro, mass migration, terror is the new normal, troops on the streets, a huge rise in violent crime in general, the erosion of civil liberties, and the possibility of martial law (in the UK anyway).

This does not look good for the Jews.


Thanks for answering my previous question. But, now, could you explain or quote something that explain why the jews will be under a terrible persecution, such like says that third prediction? If not convenient to answer publishing a post, then, email me ... Anyway, I beg you to answer, please, why? My soul needs to know ... why?
A good friend ...

Yaakov Shalom Lehrfeld

Anyone who wants to be added to an english jobs in Israel group please send me your telephone number and your name to YSlehrfeld(AT)Gmail.com

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