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Friday, 08 June 2018


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Unless we as Am Yisrael in Ha’Aretz make teshuvah of all our aveirot will not see the geulah. Tel Aviv is s sitting duck for Iran. Maybe this is the retribution if HaShem to get ys to make t’shuva ?

Esther Rachel

kites, air comunication, filled with burning
fuel, lust, innocent children. Creating damage
to the land if Israel that generations built.

Besides the gay parade, etc, what else does
this mean?
the texting, child predators, chat rooms, +
what about Shabbat?

Yakov Butterfield

It is not just the south but also the Armon Hanatziv area of Jerusalem.

Lazer Brody

Aryeh, your comment is amazing - before he died, Rabbi Yehuda Zev Leibowitz zatza"l said the same thing about Tel Aviv.

Tal Rotstein

May be the fruit grown in these fields does not constitute proper kosher food.Or maybe does not observe shimtah.

Hadassah Miller


Could this then also apply to the number of Churches in Israel as well? Where does Idolatry fit into this? Or is this something that is going away but until the Moshiach?

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