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Friday, 13 July 2018


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Perhaps @LCZagdanski would invite you to his base (Germany?) for live shiurim - like you did at Fort Hood one summer?

Since you'll anyway be going to the Ukraine for Rosh HaShanah, the transportation cost would be minimum.


Dear Rabbi Brody, I can never understand your emphasis on the Jewish army other than the fact you were a soldier.
I donated to Breslev for a lot of years out of my modest income and received books and Torah lectures.
One of the reasons I stopped donating was that I felt that your site was becoming too Jewish army orientated. After years of trusting your teachings and prayer, I just fell away.
I know you are a high-level Rabbi not accountable to anyone but to a non-Jew, your recent defence of a medic who shot an incapacitated "terrorist" shocked me.
I realise what I think doesn't matter but the message it sends out to "gentiles" is not good.
What you were saying by your defence of him was that the life of a non-Jew doesn't matter. How can you defend a Jew that stands over a Palestinian and shots him in cold blood?
Is this really what Hashem want's?
I realise your prayers are stronger than mine so what is the use of me asking Hashem for help anymore? I used to do an hour of personal prayer and meditation, I just feel it's a lie your selling you don't care about non-Jews, whether Hashem does I don't know anymore.
I am afraid of your power to hurt me, I am actually terrified of your power but I have to tell you how I feel because I had so much trust in you.


lazer brody

Dear Stephen,

1. Anyone who knows me in the slightest knows that I love every single human, irregardless of religion. Read my books and articles and you'll find that substantiated on every other page. See my connection to the world Noahide movement, etc. Seek and ye shall find...

2. You have nothing to fear from me. To bring anything other than joy to any other human is something I pray to avoid at all costs. I even pray for my neighbors to the south who shoot rockets at me.

3. Please reread what I wrote about Elor Azariya, here:

As you will see, I did not defend his action, only his right to a fair trial. Politicians, army officers and the media hanged him before his trial, robbing him of his judicial rights.

I appreciation your taking the time to comment and wish you the very best. Blessings always, LB


Stephen, I just have to open my mouth. I don't know the situation between the soldier and the Palenstinian, but just use your common sense. If a soldier shot a person "in cold blood," don't you think that he had a good reason to do so? Was this person perhaps a danger to others, or in the middle of hurting or killing others? If a cop in New York shot a guy "in cold blood" while he was in the middle of holding up another person, wouldn't this cop be called a hero? I can tell you that the sad reality is that the Israeli soldiers are in fact discouraged from shooting terrorists because they realize that the world will come down on them just the way you have. It is shameful to put an IDF soldier on the same level of a terrorist. I cannot explain to you how amazing our soldiers are. They have a special holy energy that cannot be described, but felt. Never, ever judge a soldier based on the warped news accounts you read. The world is against us, and very few people have the guts to stand up and defend what's right. Thank G-d Rav Brody is one of them.
As far as your lack of connection to Hashem, this is something that you must personally account for and not blame anyone else for. It seems that there is something that is causing you to look at things in a kind of backwards perspective. I hope that you get clarity and regain your connection to Hashem in a strong and personal way that will help you feel that He loves you and wants the best for you.


Dear Racheli,
You don't know how much personal grief defending Judaism has caused me over the last 10 years so you are the one Judging me.
When I sent the comment to Rabbi Brody I tried my best to refrain from anything that was evil tongue, perhaps I didn't succeed.
At least Rabbi Brody acknowledged my comment, I admire his integrity.
If it seemed like I was blaming Rabbi Brody that was not my intention, I never put the soldier on the same level as a "terrorist" there is even a Halaka that allows the soldier to shoot the Palestinian. The question is did the soldier kill in anger or out of necessity.
You seem to think I'm against Jew's ( us and them) the truth is I wanted to convert to Judaism but realised that it is just too high a level for me.



Stephen, I don't think you're against the Jews, but why would you question the intentions of the Israeli soldier? Who will ever know if he killed out of necessity or anger? Would you or anyone else ever question the intentions of an American soldier that kills? Absolutely not. No one does. Such a question would never occur to anyone. Your question is just symptomatic of the fact that every Israeli soldier's actions are under the world's microscope, and it's not fair. That's what I'm defending. Let's let them do their job, as they put their lives on the line for us every single days so those in Israel and around the world can sit comfortably on their computers writing judgmental comments to each other. ;) On another note, I hope you are happy with whatever path you choose. The point is not to convert, it is to be close to Hashem in the way you feel is best for you.


Dear Racheli,
In the Tanya, it says the nations are "evil" and that includes all non-Jewish soldiers.
Jewish soldiers are representatives of Hashem that is the difference.



Dear Rabbi Brody,
The Gemara says " The kindness of the nations is sin" - that all the charity and kindness done by the nations of the world is only for their self-glorification.
The Tanya says "since there Nefesh emanates from the Kelipot which contain no good, it follows that any good done by them is for selfish means"
The Tanya does say that a small number of souls come from Kelipat nogah but how does a person know?
My attachment to Judaism could be self-deception, maybe I'm just fooling myself, how can I know if all the charity and kindness I've done isn't just self-glorification.



Dear Rabbi Brody,

If the majority of non-Jews are "no good" why teach Emuna?

Is it not giving false hope?

For a lot of years, I read the books you sent me and listened to the Torah CD'S. The Garden of peace has given me a lot of soul-searching,
Is everything that happens to my family really my fault? or is the teaching just meant for Jews?
I'm a non-Jew, I'm "no good" so is my prayer not void? Why would Hashem listen to an "evil" person?

Why did G-D creat us if we have no hope if we are completely "evil" apart from the few?



Stephen, I have no idea where you get your silly ideas and interpretations from. The nations of the world who learn emuna and follow the Seven Noahide Commandments have a lovely share in the World to Come.


Thank you, Rabbi Brody,
I have taken up too much of your precious time.


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