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Thursday, 02 August 2018


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Bravo, beautiful people, the Chosen of Hashem.

I salute each of you, and stand with you all in this horrid display in the Holiest City of the World.

Hashem is in charge!!

God bless you and yours, Rabbi Lazer Brody.

Will wish you and yours, and all of Am Israel...
Shabbat Shalom



I Protest too.

Orna Nitzevet


Add me please.

אורנה ניצבת

David Husband

It's a chillul HaShem! 😢

May HKBH have mercy !

Yakov Butterfield

Jerusalem Cats protests: Jerusalem is not San Francisco http://jerusalemcats.com/jerusalem-is-not-san-francisco/


I do not have a blog, but as Hashem is my witness, I want to stand up and publicly state for the records in olam hazeh and olam haba'a, that I support this protest and would love my name to be added. I will be sharing this on my social media as well. Hashem, this pains me greatly. Please, for your Great Name's sake, redeem us NOW!
Chaya Rochel bas R'Dovid Tzvi
Rachel Eisenberg of Staten Island NY


I add my name to support this protest.

What is going on now in my home city of Jerusalem is too painful to fathom.

May HaShem have mercy on us and send His redeemer quickly.


Thank you. May Hashem have mercy on all of us.



I actually saw an apparently ownerless donkey running through the streets of Yerushalayaim today. I thought it might be Moshiach's donkey, seriously.

As for the toevah parade, always remember that their primary goal is not rights per se, but rather about fundamentally changing the fabric of society by making their perversion mainstream. In the UK foster parents have had their children taken away for refusing to promote homosexuality. Now it is in the mainstream education curriculum to actively promote all this stuff, effectively confusing young children with completely inappropriate questions about their gender and "lifestyle". Schools refusing to do this risk being closed. There is talk in Europe about legalising incest (at this stage "between consenting adults, with an adult being defined as aged 15). There are news articles about it and forums discussing it. Even those who oppose it, mainly do so on account of possible birth defects in any offspring. One choice (not) quote: "You could adopt a child and then when he or she is old enough have sex." (This was offered as a solution to the genetic issues). The next step will be to say that children also have a right to an intimate life. So in addition, this whole thing is also about gaining access to young children, their minds and their bodies. And of course whatever happens abroad, chalila, eventually comes to us.


I am heart broken! That this abomination is allowed in the holiest city in the world is heartbreaking. And here our hard earned tax dollars are supporting the parade with thousands of extra security personnel is just plain sick! It is terrible that our elected officials (yeah right) they don't follow the wishes of the people once elected. They may as well march in this crazy parade that destroys our children's perception of what is normal and healthy. We need Mosiach now! Hashem willing, this sick event will be the last in our holy city.


I also protest! Thank you Rabbi for taking a stand!

Deborah Krulwich
Bet Shemesh


I protest

Yonah Alexandre Bronstein

Better late than never, I add my name to the protest.
Yonah Alexandre Bronstein

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