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A Fence of Roses

Fortitude is...

We learn fortitude from our forefather Abraham, who lived his life like a fish swimming against the strongest of currents. He's called Ivri, or Hebrew, which means literally "from the other side," for he stood on the side of justice and monotheism and the whole rest of the world stood against him. So there's nothing new under the sun...

We need a double dose of fortitude now, both on personal and national levels.

Fortitude means...

...saying no to the crowd even when they ridicule you;

...maintaining your personal holiness even when they call you a prude;

...swimming against the current of conformity to do what's right;

...standing firm on your principles.

Here's a Prayer for Fortitude. I wrote it to strengthen myself when things get tough. I'm happy to share it with you, beloved brothers and sisters. Have a great Shabbat!


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Judah cohen

Thank You Rebbe for that most beautiful and chizuk filled Tefilla ! May all of our prayers be answered amen .
All my love -Judah

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