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Wednesday, 10 October 2018


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I used to be a serious sugar addict (chocolate mousse for breakfast), and now B"D the stuff barely passes my lips. But you can't just say to people stop eating it. All that happens is that you crave it more. No-one has that much willpower, when your brain is wired to crave it and it is literally everywhere.

First of all you have to understand where it it is: apart from the obvious, in sweets, chocolate, cakes, deserts, etc, etc, it is pretty much in all processed foods in one form or another, all the fructose, glucose, corn syrup, etc, etc and the simple carbohydrates that have a high glycemic index and quickly turn into sugar. Brown sugar is no better than white, and all the sugar substitutes in diet foods are many times worse. Fruit is a whole other subject, you can have a bit, but not too much

So stopping eating sugar is more than just passing up on desert, it's really about changing your whole diet. (Breakfast would be a good place to start as most people are eating delicious, but nutritionally harmful food. Yes I remember Captn Crunch.) These days most fruit is picked before it is fully ripe and thus not that helpful (see the Rambam) and most people eat it at the end of a meal, when it should be eaten on an empty stomach. Also for people used to the heightened sweetness of processed sugar, a simple apple is not going to cut it. The way I weaned myself off of my sugar habit was quite gradual. Outright deprivation doesn't work. I made a rule that I can have as much as I want of anything sweet, as long as it is after eating actual food. Then I switched to real chocolate, 70% cocoa and above, sweetened with cane sugar. You eat one or two small cubes of it after a meal and poof your craving is gone. In the meantime I changed my diet to eat very real food: spelt bread, vegetables, protein, good oils. I eat dates, but rarely eat even real chocolate these days. But once in a while, if I'm a guest somewhere on shabbat I might have a small piece of desert.

It's best to focus on generally cleaning up one's diet and not on the fact that you're not going to eat sugar. That only leads to stronger cravings and binges. And start the day with an egg, not sugar. I hope this helps.


See this fascinating article:

It also shows that the actual scientific process is not always as scientific as it would have the rest of us believe, but is full of vested interests (commercial and academic) and ego.


Thank you

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