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Omri Casspi: Higher and Higher

Image courtesy of www.cleveland.com

Hashem controls the NBA, too. In His infinite wisdom, Hashem engineered that the Sacramento Kings traded their 2009 first-round draft pick Omri Casspi (from Yavne, Israel and the NBA's only Jewish player) to the Cleveland Cavaliers last year. Once Omri came to Cleveland, he met our dear friend Tamir "Jewish Jordan" Goodman. They became great friends. Meanwhile, under Tamir's influence and guidance, Omri has been finding his way back to his Jewish roots. He already puts on tefillin every morning and is becoming just as tall spiritually as his 6'9" physical stature. I had the pleasure of hearing this first hand from Tamir when I visited him in his home last week in Cleveland.

Meanwhile, Omri is recovering from an emergency appendectomy that he had 3 days ago during an away game in Florida. We pray for his full and speedy recovery.

Omri Casspi and Tamir Goodman show that you can learn Torah, wear tzitzit and tefillin and still be a cool Jew and a basketball star. Yiddishkeit is definitely cool.