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Amen, Brother!

Shavua Tov! The only thing that interests us in current events is seeing Hashem's hand revealed in headline happenings. There's been plenty of that, lately, as we're about to see...

In light of the tense security situation, there a is powerful protective ploy that also invokes miracles, one that is firmly based both in the Gemara and in the Shulchan Aruch, and easy to do. Let's hear the Emuna News and learn what each of us can do to protect his or her family and the entire nation of Israel:

Poland: The Hate that Wouldn't Die

Roundup-of-jews-in-Poland WWII

Above image: Pictorial evidence of Polish Complicity - roundup of Jews in the town of Czestochwa, Poland on their way to the death camp at Treblinka. The Nazis could not have done this on their own.

Many of you know that I'm Iraqi, but did you know that I'm also Polish? Yes. It's a strange combination, bipolar at times. In one minute I can be the sweetest, nicest, squeaky-voiced "Come here so I can just EAT YOUR LITTLE FACE!" mom to a heavy breathing, rabid, screechy-voiced monster: "Come here so I can just SMACK YOUR LITTLE FACE!" 

Okay, those both sounded equally scary.

But no matter how scary I get, I'm not as scary as this picture at right. It's a picture of the Polish extermination camp, Treblinka. My grandmother, Fruma a"h, her two daughters, and Treblinka
another 738,000 Jews were gassed to death in this little piece of Hell. My father and his father, Hershel a"h, miraculously escaped being taken to the camp. You'll be reading more in the coming weeks on the Breslev Israel site.

Bottom line: the disgusting, murderous, anti-Semitic, bloodthirsty, evil Poles stole a mother from her son, a wife from her husband, two sisters from their brother, and a grandmother from her grandchildren. Times almost 800,000. And that's just one death camp.  

In a very difficult conversation, my father told me that if it weren't for the generous assistance of the Polish government and people, Germany would never have been able to occupy and murder many millions of Jews. 

G-d willing I will share with you one incident of many where my father narrowly escaped death by the bloody claws of the Polish people. Not even the Nazis. Not even the Polish government. The people themselves.

Torturing Jewish souls was even encouraged in the Polish schools. Rav Brody's mother also suffered physical torture by being turned into a bloody Pin Cushion by her classmates. Did the teachers do anything to stop them? Ha! 

And here we are, almost 80 years later, seeing the Polish evil wake up from its hibernation, fully recharged with fierce hate for the Jewish People.

Just last week, the Polish President signed a law to make any association between Poland and the Holocaust illegal.  

Yeah, that makes a whole 'lot of sense. Make it illegal to call you guilty. Idiots. Don't they realize that it makes them look even more guilty??

And now, the Polish Parliament is trying to outlaw kosher slaughter. 

Hmmm. They're better off putting up signs on every billboard in their country saying, "WE HATE THE JEWS!" At least it's honest. 

You know, there's nothing I can't stand more than hypocrisy. Can't. Stand. It.

If you're going to be evil, then don't try to hide it behind your "civilized" behavior and make-believe set of laws that fool most of the world into thinking you're a decent, functioning country with some level of morals. Clearly you're not. 

The fact that Poland is yet again picking on the Jews says one thing: they have never changed. Their hate, their intolerance, their unbelievable ignorance, jealousy, cruelty, barbarism - all that has never gone away. 

It's just been hiding, waiting for the right moment. 

Just look at how many death camps, euthanasia camps, and killing centers there were in Poland during the war. (Image courtesy of jewishvirtuallibrary.org)


It is impossible that all of this hateful, toxic, deadly energy would have disappeared in the last 70 years. These past two laws show that the Poles hate the Jews now just as much as they did back then. 

And if you happen to be Polish and like Jews, Mazal Tov! You've obviously got some sort of genetic defect that happened to keep you in the human race. 

I have these words for the Polish government and all those who still hate the Jews underneath their quickly disappearing fake smiles: one day, very soon, you will suffer the way you have made the Jews suffer. You will see that you were controlled, brainwashed, destroyed by your own hate, and it will be too late to do anything about it.

To the Jews that have suffered the loss of family members in the Holocaust, or from any anti-Semitic event, I can't tell you enough how amazing you are. Every day that you pray, put on tefilin, or do anything that relates to G-d, know that you are a walking kiddush Hashem (sanctification of G-d's name.) 

One day, very soon, we will see all of the evil in the world be destroyed, and we will get to live in a world where the good is real and people let each other have the parking spot that they're fighting over. 

I know, I should stop hallucinating. 

Have an anti-Semitic-Polish-free day!


p.s.- Do not write me that I have no emuna, please. Obviously Hashem did what He did for His own reasons, and He decided to make the Polish and Germans (and whomever else) His messengers. But remember this: Hashem doesn't make someone a messenger of evil unless they deserve to be.  

Israel's Victory

Israel's Victory
Welcome to our weekly EmunaNews roundup and broadcast. Today's lesson is special for the new month of Kislev, which begins today, which is also the month of Chanuka.

As was the case in the miracle of Chanuka, how does Israel, throughout the ages, prevail over enemies that are much mightier? The secret is that before they overcome the enemies, they must overcome nature…

Don't think that the miracle of Chanuka is over. It's ongoing. Instead of Antiochus and the Syrian Greeks, we have Hummeini, Nasralla, Iran, Hamas and Hizbollah. Today's lesson will put current events in an emuna perspective and show how it's all part of Hashem's blueprint for Geula. Enjoy!

Emuna News Weekly: The Gate of Geula

All of our sages concur that we have already entered the Messianic Age. The Midrash goes a step further and gives us a specific sign when the Geula begins, a sign that we can now see in the center of current events…

Breslev Israel's tech crew overcame tremendous difficulties to enable this EmunaNews shiur and broadcast that was recorded last night in Jerusalem to come to you. This is a must-see to understand how current events in real time are manifestations of our sages' forecasts centuries ago. As you'll see, it's all coming down, and this is only the beginning:

Operation Orchard, Part 1

As we said in the Haggada, in every generation, tyrants rise to destroy us, but Hashem rescues us from them. Despite our challenges, Hashem is always with us. Many of Hashem's miracles go unpublished. The Beams will now keep you on the edge of your chair for two days, with this gripping documentary about Operation Orchard, the destruction of Syria's quest for nuclear weapons. G-d willing, we'll air the second half here on the Beams tomorrow. Enjoy it.